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Patented by William A Moore in 1998, the LifeSlider is a truly original and unique rescue device. Original by its design, the LifeSlider emphasizes comfort and safety for both rescuer and evacuee. Unique in its pricing, the LifeSlider is affordable to the individual as well as large corporations.

Speed and safety being the key issues in evacuation, the LifeSlider allows the rescuer to descend the stairway at his or her own pace, the evacuee safely restrained inside the unit in a comfortable, vertical, seated position. The LifeSlider’s compact, flat-bottom, toboggan-like design allows it to travel down narrow stairs, around tight corners, through small doorways, and across outdoor terrain with ease. The LifeSlider is lightweight, durable and reusable. Its low center of gravity provides maximum stability; the LifeSlider is virtually maintenance-free requiring no electricity, batteries or motors. Anyone can be easily trained to operate the LifeSlider, enhancing the Emergency Preparedness Program in your company or building.