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Locations LifeSlider is Needed

Imagine you take friend or family member to an office appointment (doctor, lawyer, etc.)

The office is on the upper floor of a multiple-story building, Suddenly the fire alarms sound!

Most people think of nothing but getting out of the building, no problem. You, however, must reconsider because your friend or family member is disabled. They cannot maneuver stairs and require assistance to evacuate the building. Are you physically able to carry them down several flights of steps, alone? How long will it take for the fire department of rescue crew to arrive, and then to locate you? Can you afford to wait for help, or do you risk the physical challenges of the stairwell? No one likes to think about the possible tragedies in everyday life. That is why so many individuals and public facilities are unprepared when emergency situation arise. 

In the work place, we recommend one LifeSlider for each disabled employee, to be stored in the employee’s work area. For public accommodations and commercial facilities which may have a floating population of disabled individuals (anyone can become disabled during an emergency) it is our recommendation that the LifeSlider be mounted in the emergency stairwells with a minimum of one LifeSlider per floor stairwell.