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“AZtech, Inc. was contacted to determine how to market the LifeSlider more effectively. Focus groups were conducted among two types of potential end-users, evacuees and rescuers. Participants felt that the “ideal” device would be easy to use, lightweight and sturdy, easy to move across the ground, made of plastic, and safe for both evacuee and rescuer. When participants saw the LifeSlider for the first time, their reactions were positive. Everyone was amazed that the “ideal” device that they had described was so similar to the attributes of the LifeSlider”
Market Research Analyst, AZtech, Inc.


“The LifeSlider is an exciting new product for the safe rescue of frail, injured, or disabled people from life threatening situations. In an emergency situation when you need to get people out quickly, this product is an excellent tool. I also see this device as being helpful in work places and public buildings complying with the American with Disabilities Act in terms of accessibility and safety. I highly recommend this product and anticipate it saving many lives”
Instructor Trainer, American Red Cross


“With back injuries so prevalent in EMS/Rescue I believe this item should be a requirement on every ambulance in the US.”    
EMT Lieutenant, Walterboro, South Carolina


“It is a safer and much quicker form of transport for a mobility impaired individual from the upper floors of buildings. Installing a “LifeSlider” in the exit ways of multi-storied buildings should enable the building occupant’s safe evacuation during an emergency situation. I felt secure in the device being lowered down the stairs. It appears to be a safer mode of emergency evacuation, other than the rescue chair or possible bouncing a wheelchair user down a long flight of stairs.”
Chairperson, Peninsula Disability Services Board, Williamsburg, Virginia


I (T11/12 paraplegic complete) had the opportunity to test out the use of the “LifeSlider” along with members of the Williamsburg fire department….. The “LifeSlider” can be a very useful device for individuals with restricted movement when exiting a multi-story building during emergencies. Its design allows a person with disabilities, whether permanent or temporary, to use the stairways of most residential, commercial or industrial buildings when elevator systems or access areas have become inoperable or unusable. I still consider the “LifeSlider” a very useful evacuation device for exiting a building quickly and efficiently in emergency situations when time and safety are the major factors.”
Member of The Virginia Beach Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities


“The product is lightweight, easy to handle, and durable. This devise is a must for fire, emergency medical and rescue services. I recommend this device for use by government agencies, such as Red Cross, Forest and Military rescue, and so on. Additionally the device will be helpful in workplaces and public buildings in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act in terms of accessibility and safety. I highly recommend this product and anticipate it being a huge success.”
Member of the Ways and Means Committee, Congress of the United States


“Because of all the obstructive problems you have to deal with in a sports stadium or arena, the “LifeSlider” would be ideal for stadium rescue. The LifeSlider device provides a valuable working option of evacuating persons down steps for secure purposes”
Director of Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, Oklahoma State University